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How Green Tea Stops Curly Hair Loss

You’re probably familiar with green tea as a healthy beverage. It doesn’t matter if it is hot or cold, who doesn’t love this beverage with just a spritz of lemon? Did you know that green tea is not just a beneficial drink? Green tea with its powerful antioxidants also provides benefits for curly hair and helps prevent curly hair loss.

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The Physics of Curly Hair Care

When it comes time to select a curly hair product, you’re probably not thinking about physics. You should, however. To build the best hold and spring in your curls, you need a curl product that literally seeps into the curl strand. If the molecules of this product do not seep in to the curl strand then it will just sit on top of your curls making them feel heavy. That’s no fun! Make the physics and curl connection to get the best curls ever.

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