3 Benefits of Green Tea for Curly Hair Care

You may have heard the whispers about how green tea helps curly hair but may not be sure exactly how. Is it possible that this healthy beverage that is full of anti-oxidants is also beneficial for curly hair? Wonder no more. Here are three great benefits of using green tea for curly hair care.

Green Tea Stimulates Hair Follicles
Epigallocatechin-3-gallat (EGCG) is a component of green tea. It is known to promote hair growth since it stimulates human dermal papilla cells and boosts the production of curly hair. Green tea increases the body’s metabolism. EGCG is the reason for this increase. In the same way that it speeds up the body’s metabolism, it “speeds up” the stimulation in hair follicles. Additionally, green tea contains the catechin molecule, which also works to stimulate hair growth.

Green Tea Strengthens and Conditions Hair
Green tea is an excellent addition to any hair care product since it contains the curly hair-loving elements of vitamin C, and vitamin E and panthenol. Vitamin C helps protect hair from the sun’s rays whereas vitamin E repairs dry and damaged curly hair. Panthenol works to strengthen and soften curly hair while mending split ends. Whose curly hair wouldn’t love all of those benefits? Products, such as our entire Green Curly line, that contain green tea are beneficial to curly hair.

Reduces the Effect of DHT on Hair
The DiHydro Testosterone (DHT) is the main culprit behind hair loss and male pattern baldness. It is produced by the 5-Aplpha enzyme. DHT attaches to the hair follicle and shrinks it; diminishing it in the process. Green tea works to naturally block the effect of DHT. The natural part is important since there are many chemical-laden hair products that claim to do the same thing. Green tea is a very powerful anti-oxidant that fights the 5-Aplpha enzyme minimizing its shrinking action on the hair follicle.

As you see from the preceding three benefits, green tea is a wonderful addition to any curly hair care product. Experts recommend applying the green tea product directly on curly hair for maximum benefit. Our Gelissimo is a great way to incorporate green tea and all of its benefits into your curly hair care routine. It contains 100% natural green tea extract, which improves the quality of your curls. It is a win-win because it helps curls look amazing while nourishing them with all of green tea’s benefits.

This content is not meant to diagnose a disease or treat an ailment. It is simply the findings from our research at Green Curly. Contact your doctor, dermatologist, or other health professional for medical advice.