Clay de Mint
Clay de Mint

Clay de Mint

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Wash and Go without sacrificing quality. Clay de Mint is the perfect way to naturally cleanse your curls from toxins and pollutants. It is fortified with peppermint and carrot oils to invigorate the scalp and deeply cleanse the scalp without stripping curls. Rich in minerals, Clay de Mint strengthens curls, fortifying them to remain lustrous and full of life. SLS and SLES free.

What is it?
Clay de Mint is natural foaming clay cleanser that naturally detangles and softens hair. No need for a condotioner? It also elongates curls, which makes it the perfect precusor to our styling gels.

Our special blend of hair enriching botanicals will combat frizz, decrease bulk, reduce shrinkage and smooth and add shine to hair strands. With continued use, Clay de Mint will restore and maintain hair’s moisture balance yielding longer and stronger hair.

Clay de Mint  is pH balanced, non-toxic and rich in botanicals. It is free of silicones, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil and phthalates. Clay de Mint  is cruelty free, chemical free and environmentally friendly.

What is in it?
Great ingredients: Botanical water, natural clay blend, green tea, lavender essential oil, carrot essential oil, coconut oil surfactants, natural preservative.

How do you use it?
Wet hair then apply Clay de Mint creating a foam in the process. Massage from scalp to ends. Rinse then follow with your favorite Green Curly gel. To maintain formula integrity, do not store in the shower stall nor add water to the Clay de Mint jar.

Who can use it?
This is a great cleanser for any hair type particularly curlies. Clay is unparalleled in removing impurities from hair and scalp. It cleanses amazingly without stripping the hair,

Why you can’t live another minute without it?
You are looking for a two-step wash and go routine and want a cleanser that can actually detange curls, banish frizz and elongate curls. It literally refreshes curls from the inside out.